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Dr. Jamaal Horton

Funeral Service for the late Dr. Jamaal Romando Horton age 43 years of Gauloupe Street, Golden Gates #2 will be held on Friday 12th April, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at City of Isreal International Covenant Church, Lightbourne Avenue, Rock Crusher. Officiating will be Bishop G. Elton Major and Dr. Anthony Hamilton assisted by other ministers of the Gospel. Pre- Cremation

DR. JAMAAL HORTON IS SURVIVED BY HIS MOTHER: Andrea Bain; FATHER: Edgar Horton; STEP-FATHER: George Bain; STEP-MOTHER: Rosenell Horton; GRAND-MOTHER: Evangelist Calvease Horton-Rolle; GRAND-FATHER: Hubert Rolle; BROTHERS: Omar, Lynden and Ricky Bain and Carl Horton; SISTERS: Tamiaka Horton, Navada Horton-Adderley, Pillar Horton-Studstill and Johnny Studstill of Miami, Florida; GRAND AUNTS: Muriel Holmes, Sinnidor Brice & Family; UNCLES: James and Martha Rolle, Jackson and Sandra Rolle, Phillip and Shawn Cox, Marvin Horton, Terry Rolle and Branden Russell; AUNTS:  Tezel Whitfield, Natasha Strachan, Phillipa Cox, Prophetess, Pastor Joan Lisa Horton, Donelle Horton Bodie and Pastor Prince Bodie, Valderine Horton-Hamilton & Dr. Anthony Hamilton, Maria Knowles, Idamae Russell & Sharon Rolle; NEPHEWS: Omanico Lowe, Ricky Bain Jr., Alex Bain, Omar Bain Jr. and Efani Adderley, De’Carlo Horton and Johnny Studstill Jr. And Kaylen Bain; NIECES: Omanika and Omanike Lowe, Idorezin and Naji Adderley, Carleigh Horton, Haile & Rickquel Bain; GRAND-NEPHEWS: Trevor Bethel Jr. and Shanico Lowe; GRAND-NIECE: Omaya Lowe; COUSINS: Marvin & Patricia Armbrister, Mesha & Vacarro Cooper, Marvin Rolle Jr, Delano Whitfield, Mervin & Marvin Armbrister, Danielle, Patrick , Kayla Bodie and Alvin & Vania Hamilton, Robin & Lourdes Horton-Strachan, Narado Knowles, Rdaisha Knowles, MarVinique & Marva Armbrister, Katrina Armbrister, Brianna Grant and Keyshawn Cooper; OTHER RELATIVES AND FRIENDS INCLUDING: The Hon. Frederick Mitchell, The Hon. Alfred Sears Former Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte Constituency, Greater Chippingham Family, The Farrington Road Crew, Malinda Young & Family, Lyndiece Gaitor & Family, Paul & Family, Dion Coakley & Family, Mazie Simmons, Patrick Huyler, Rev. Glendon Rolle & Family, Karen Hamilton & Family, Eulita Bain & Family, Deneria Butler & Family, Sherry Forbes & Family, Mary Rolle & Family, Betty Pickstock & Family, Minera Smith-Culmer & Family, Karla Knowles & Family, Laticha Munnings & Family, Ricardo Treco and Family, Management and Staff of SLS housekeeping dept, a host of their relatives and friends too numerous to mention including the Freeport crew and the Miami, Florida crew.