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Estwood Thompson

Estwood Trevor Thompson was the second child born to the loving parents of Delores Archer and Elliott Thompson on the 14th May 1974 in the beautiful city of Nassau, Bahamas. His sister Tia was four years older than him, she was the first of this union. Estwood got his Christian name from his grandfather Estwood Millard Archer. His nick names were Pa Boy, Master T, Trev, then his childhood friends called him Teeths he was always smiling this name stuck with him into his adolescents years and then into manhood he became Straw boy his Daddy’s nickname was Straw he was also called Daddy, Big Guy, Hey Buddy, Big Uncle. The nickname Straw boy stucked with him to the end. Trevor as he was affectionately called by his mother all of his life was a happy and mischievous individual. His early childhood was a normal one he grew up in the community of Chippingham and attended The Church of The Holy Spirit he was baptized and confirmed as an Anglican served as an acolyte during Father Dunstan Burrows rectorship with others such as Michael Burrows, Randy Perpall, Fred Perpall, Tiffany North and Sid McCartney just to name a few. His schooling began at the age of three where he attended an International kindergarten school off Eastern Road owned and operated by Mrs. Hall then on to St. Matthews Anglican Primary School and teacher Helen Carroll for a short while. St Matthews school became obsolete he then had to continue his education at Chippingham Primary as luck would have it this school had to be condemened and so on to TG Glover school which was condemned as well upon completion he attended H O Nash until he was sixteen this period of his life was totally focusing on basketball he was an avid sportsman he was wanted by the coaches of A F Adderley School to play in the Hugh Campbell tournament in those days but his coach at H O Nash refused for him to go. Mr Albury his Physcial Ed teacher was his friend always was concerned about his welfare then he went to a Private School called Horizion operated by Mrs. Shawn Turnquest. Then his mother tried to persusade him to go to a military school in Deerfield Fla where he visisted the campus and came back saying who me I am not going to no all boys school the rest is history. He started his own life he had a love for basketball and played in the night park leagues His working career started with Mr. Carlton Romer for a period of time as a plumber helper. I was happy because my grandfather was a plumber also and trained Mr. Romer this did not last said the sun was too hot digging trenches so he ventured into the Hospitality Industry started out as a bus boy at Parliament Hotel worked his way to Crystal Palace Banquet Dept. and also at Compass Point. Trevor loved people so the Hospitality Industry was so easy for him and he said at least it’s in air condition he kept this up for a while until one night changed the course of his life. During this period he met and fell in love with Karatesha Godet at the age of eighteen this courtship lasted seven years when he proposed and married his best friend with his mother being the(best man) this union birthed three beautiful children two girls Tyra ,Trevona and a son Estwood he also was a dedicated father to his first son Trevor mother Nadia Nottage and stepson Tyvon Godet mother Karatesha Godet. He became the father of two other beautiful girls mother Nadia Wells of Trevante Thompson and mother Caresse Thompson of Tia Melissa Thompson. Trevor loved all of his children unconditionally he loved family this was his life being with family even after he was married he stayed in the homestead when they separated he remained home, he believed in family life his grandmother Belle Archer (deceased) displayed this to her offsprings he loved her dearly also his mother, father, sister , brother and their children NIECES AND NEPHEWS he took a special interest in. He loved his aunts and uncles especially his cousins they were special to him as for his close friends that is another story sometimes they would get angry if they thought that someone else was getting to much attention. Trevor’s life was lived to the fullest he was not afraid to live and not afraid to die. His lifestyle was what can I do to help anybody BE HAPPY he would say to me Lores as he would call me you alright then I’m alright it was the small things that meant the most to him. He was a giver whether it be by monetary, time or just a listening ear he was so many things to so many different people he was not judgemental at all he never treated any one differently this sometimes bothered me he would bring a friend to sleep next thing you know five would be there never wanting to go home all people got the same from him what you saw was what you got he ALWAYS HAD A SMILE ON HIS FACE YOU NEVER KNEW HE WAS HURTING. He loved good food, women and GAMBLING especially gambling was his weakness anybody who knows Trevor can attest to this fact. Whatever else was secondary. His special friend Sandy Smith who he bonded with loved and endured with him to the end. WHATEVER ONE THOUGHT OF HIM IS OF NO CONSEQUENCES TO ME I JUST THANK GOD I Delores HIS MOTHER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE HIM BACK AS HE WAS GIVEN TO ME IN MY ARMS AND WAS WITH HIM TO HIS LAST BREATH when God called him home that Saturday morning May 6th 2017 you can kill the body but you can not kill the spirit God go with you my son I will see you on that resurrection morning Mummy love you and will never forget you.