Donna Lauretta Duncombe

Donna Lauretta Duncombe

9/18/2012 9:33:35 PM
Passionate, articulate, accident prone, organized, strong willed, ingenious, gregarious, professional, meticulous, astute. These adjectives and so.....many more describe the one to whom we pay our final respects - DONNA LAURETTA DUNCOMBE.

The atmospheric conditions were perfect for the arrival of the first child of Wendal William Duncombe and Florinda Duncombe nee Miller. The beautiful leaves of autumn in their resplendent colours served as the perfect natural carpet to welcome the energetic baby girl, Donna Lauretta Duncombe, who was also the first grandchild of Madelina Sandilands and Thomas and Laura Duncombe nee Colebrooke, maternal and paternal grandparents.

Donna’s birth was heralded far and wide ... and its advent also caught the attention of an unwanted guest which capriciously and precipitously changed those tranquil atmospheric conditions. While the child Donna was trying to balance on her feet and walk, which she did at nine months, a storm that would become Hurricane Donna formed on August 29, 1960, near Cape Verde off the African coast. It quickly attained hurricane status on August 31 and headed west toward the Caribbean Sea and was a Category 4 hurricane by the time it reached the Leeward Islands wreaking havoc on Puerto Rico and a portion of The Bahamas before turning northeast toward Cuba and the Florida Keys. Dissipating on September 14, 1960 it caused many deaths during its two week stay, and was the only storm on record to have produced hurricane winds in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic and New England. In deference to its severity, the name "Donna" was retired as a storm assignation.

As folklore stories were told of the destruction of Hurricane Donna, Aunt Mildred, Donna’s caregiver, was relieved that her young ward was nothing like the recent, indescribable atmospheric menace. It was evident from Donna’s demeanor and personality that she possessed a unique charisma. Her beautiful, dazzling smile and quiet nature endeared her to all.

Referring to herself as ALPHA or DELTA, Donna made certain that the other children followed her lead! However, she was not an only child for long as the other children, particularly Daphne, Stephen, Patrice and Wendy who came barely one year apart of each other, soon demanded that she become responsible at an early age. Grace came along and then Tavalla, whose mother Joanne Poitier allowed the Duncombe Family to lovingly nurture from six weeks of age. Every one of them knew that Donna was in charge!

Donna and her siblings grew up in a matriarchal home with the “family safety net” under the stern and loving discipline of her mother and grandmother, Madelina Sandilands, who both believed firmly in the adage “Spare the rod; spoil the child.” Home was a strong Christian household and every child learnt to read from the King James’ version of the Bible and had to go to every service of the church, including Sunday School, Prayer Meeting, Choir Practice, Evening Worship, and Baptist Training Union...and any other special service in between held by one of the associated churches. Of course, your homework had to be completed somewhere in between. If one child did something wrong and did not admit to it, everyone got disciplined, with the belt, until the person owned up to the wrong. You see, although Daddy, Wendal, did not attend church, the children had to go as the mother was the Sunday School Superintendent and Youth Director, and woe betide any of her offspring who dared to get out of hand, especially in church where you’d get “the eye” or “the finger!” Heaven help you if you caused her to get up out of the choir to deal with you! Donna, sometimes the instigator, was not often the recipient of the spanking because Wendal always rescued her from her mother’s harsh disciplinary measures. This sealed their father-daughter bond even more.

In the Duncombe household God came first but obtaining a good education was essential and was deemed the second priority that was instilled in the children. The old adage “manners and behaviour carry you through the world” was drilled daily and although good grades were important, the comments from teachers and any neighbour regarding negative attitude and behaviour were taken seriously. All in the Duncombe household knew that reports of these actions merited grave consequences.

Donna’s formal education, like all the Duncombe children, except Grace, began at the Oakes Field Primary School where the Rev. Dr. C. W. Saunders was the Headmaster. Donna was gifted with great intellectual abilities and she skipped a grade at Oakes Field Primary School because of her exceptional and talented nature. In 1970, she was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Queen’s College, high school where she stayed until 1977, completing the Fifth and Sixth Forms. In Sixth Form she was selected from a cadre of prefects to one of the coveted positions of Deputy Head Girl. She also obtained certificates in GCE Ordinary Level subjects - Mathematics, English Language and Literature, French, Physics, Chemistry and GCE Advanced Level subjects – Physics and Chemistry

Donna was also the recipient of numerous awards and certificates, at Queen’s College she was a proud member of Dyer House. Although not as athletically inclined as her siblings, she was introduced to her beloved sport of Hockey. She loved and mastered this sport and made her sister, Daphne, also join the hockey team. On the team, she was placed in the position of Centre and Daphne was placed in the position of Goalie. Of course this game was not one which went without incident, and she suffered a few injuries to her legs and knuckles.

Queen” s College was also the foundation where Donna participated in many musical productions put on by the School, such as “Oliver”, “Guys and Dolls”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Fiddler on the Roof”. Donna sang these songs often with her sisters, and she would hunt tediously in music stores trying to locate copies of these musicals. There were many other musicals which joined the favourites, such as “The Sound of Music”, “Grease Lightning”, “The King and I” and “Mary Poppins” just to name a few. No matter how many times these musicals appeared on television, she would be so captivated by them that it would seem she was watching them for the first time- not sometimes the twentieth! Donna enjoyed every genre of music and her musical collection was immense.

Upon leaving high school, Donna was employed by the Bahamas Department of Meteorology as a Trainee Meteorological Observer. As the winds of change were blowing around the world Donna realized that in order to compete in a global world tertiary education was important. She enrolled at the recently established College of the Bahamas (COB) in September of 1977 to continue her Advanced Level studies in Mathematics.

In 1978, Donna was again blessed with favour and received a FULL scholarship to attend Florida State University. Many lasting friendships were forged at FSU and the bond shared with Donna and her fellow classmates Nicole, Isla, Anne, Phyllis, Kevin, Barrington, Tina, Patti and Corrine who attended a nearby by University remain to this day. She left the halls of higher learning with a Bachelor of Science in 1981 and Master of Science in Meteorology in 1983 - both degrees being received with special honours. Her academic excellence earned her an induction into the membership of Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society (USA) .

This was a new area and, after completion, Donna received the distinction of becoming the first female Meteorologist in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The memory of Hurricane David in 1979 when Donna was in her sophomore year is indelibly etched in her siblings’ minds. It was when she made all of them go outside in the rain and turbulent weather laced with thunder and lightning to show them what she had learnt! Whether they were interested or not, she taught them all about the clouds defining what they were in the atmosphere, and their classifications: cirrus (feathery) cumulus (rounded masses) stratus (horizontal sheets) and nimbus (rain). Although her siblings were frightened of the harsh elements of the weather, they were more frightened of her! To be released from class and go indoors, they had to listen and learn fast. They never forgot that lesson and were happy when Donna finally allowed them to go inside to dry off!!

After completing her studies at Florida State University she returned to the Department as a Forecaster and moved up through the ranks to the position of Senior Forecaster and Training Officer.

The swirling currents in 1989 precipitated a year of change for Donna. She relocated to Grand Bahama in August of that year to take up the position of Assistant Chief Meteorologist, eventually becoming promoted to Chief Meteorologist, the first woman and first Bahamian to ever hold that position. There, she administrated a small staff of meteorological personnel who provided quality weather services for aviation, marine and general public facilities. Truly, she lived for a weather situation and approaching hurricanes were seen as the happiest days to her as she plotted the paths and tracked the impending deteriorating conditions. So engrossed was she in her job that she scheduled vacations before the hurricane season. The last family cruise she took had to be taken before the busy hurricane season. The long arduous hours of study became worthwhile and theory became practical as the weather was personified by this astute meteorologist: Autumn put on the rust coloured mantle; Winter chilled the soul; Spring carpeted the ground with beauty, and Summer ruled with a heated temper. Donna’s love for her field of Meteorology resulted in her being rescued, along with her colleagues; Lee Marvin and Taniko on two occasions when her Freeport Weather office churned with water as the airport became deluged with flood water. She found this exciting as she loved a little touch of adventure!

The Bahamas, whose geographical positioning is in the path of storms, welcomed Donna’s soothing voice which could often be heard over the airwaves advising her fellow countrymen of the dangers of flooding and wind. Many times Donna was so busy with her job that she was placed in the path of endangerment. She often recounted stories of nearly being blown off the rooftop at the airport when she went to perform her observations. She loved her profession and she loved tracking hurricanes! It was not until she had to be rescued by jet skis and commando style roping by the US coast guards that she realized the full power of the God of the wind, sea and rain.

Donna was saddened when she was made redundant from her post of Chief Meteorologist at the Freeport Weather Office and which office was closed in December 2009. She believed that her work on earth as a Meteorologist was not completed, and in September 2011 she was rehired by the Bahamas Government (Ministry of The Environment) as Chief Meteorologist at the Bahamas Department of Meteorology in New Providence. She was happy to be back at home again in Nassau with renewed energy doing what she loved best.

An avid reader who had an eclectic taste in literature, Donna’s love for reading started at an early age where each Duncombe child was expected to read the “tongue-twisting” names in the Bible. A child with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she began reading the Collier Encyclopaedia set for the fun of it! Donna was then rewarded with enrolment and received a library card at the Southern Public Library, where she was able to select books which she read with eagerness. Even when doing chores, she always had a book in her hand, washing dishes with the book propped up near the sink. Later in life Donna joined many book clubs and she collected many series ranging from western novels, Time magazines, romantic paperbacks and adventure novels, the most favourite being the “Percy Jackson” series she read and shared with some of her nieces and nephews who enjoyed her passion for reading.

Donna was passionate about anything cultural and Junkanoo topped the list. Although Donna was not a rhythmic dancer she chose the part of a cow-beller in the Junkanoo line, and graduated from being a “Valley bleacher rusher” with her sisters and other church youth members to the grand stage of Bay Street as a member of Most Qualified Junkanoo Group. Over the years, this culture became a more visible part of her annual festivities. Freeport could not contain this Valley Girl when December came around; she would be on the first plane smoking to her hometown, Nassau where she would spend endless nights in the shacks of the Valley Boys Junkanoo group. While in Grand Bahamas Donna branched out joining other groups such as The Harbour Boys, The Classic Dancers, where she was co-leader, and Kingdom Culture. Donna’s last affiliation in Junkanoo was with the Kingdom Culture Junkanoo group in Grand Bahama - whose leadership has undertaken to use the avenue of Junkanoo to spread the Word of God through this cultural expression.

Donna’s musical career was birthed when she attended the music school of Mrs. Muriel Mallory off Poinciana Drive, and her involvement in Church Music began in Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. There she learned to play the organ under the guidance of other church organists: the late Sis. Helen “Mum” Adderley and Sis. Hyacinth Spence-Ramsey. Although she created her own speed for the hymns and sometimes hit a wrong key, she was not deterred by the stares of the parishioners, the laughter of her siblings or the scolding of Rev. Dr. W. G. McPhee.

“And I will dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life…” Donna made this commitment and balanced the other areas of her life with her service to God and to His Church. Fully aware that true greatness comes in serving others, her early New Providence church years were spent in the Mount Calvary Baptist Cathedral, Baillou Hill Road and Laird Street under the leadership of the late Reverend Dr. W. G. McPhee. She was an active participant in all areas of the church and served in the Sunday School, Youth Department, Choirs and as an Organist. After relocating to Grand Bahama in 1989, she joined the congregation at the Fellowship Union Baptist Church, and served as both organist and choir director. Being an ecumenist, she also served as the assistant musician for the Anglican Church Men (ACM) of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Eight Mile Rock. Wanting to participate fully in the Lord’s Vineyard, she served as First Vice President of the Bahamas Union Baptist Church Association, and attended all of the annual conferences in Grand Bahama, New Providence and the Family Islands. She was also former Youth President of the Northern Bahamas District of the Bahamas Baptist Union of Churches. Donna’s last position held was 2nd Vice President of the Youth Department, a three year post that she held up to the time of her demise.

The Fellowship Union Baptist Church Children’s Chapel Ministry under the leadership of Rev. Chrystal Stubbs appealed to Donna and she opted to assist them with the musical side of their drama productions. She also developed a loving relationship with the older young people of Fellowship - a relationship which began based on rendering music assistance. Her involvement earned her the responsibility as a Youth leader within the Bahamas Baptist Union Conference, a job that also came with challenges. As an active participant in the life of the youth whom she often referred to as her children, she saw her goal in life as a mentor and role model to encourage young men and women to reach for their full potential both spiritually and educationally. Her home was always inviting, and she gave of herself unselfishly. She believed that there is a plan for each of us in this world and if we seek God first everything else will fall into place. Her life personified these words: “If I can help somebody as I travel along life’s path, my living will not be in vain.” Donna had a “servant disposition” and her life embodied the Scripture: "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." Her many friends and acquaintances could testify that she thought of others first and herself last and as she rendered ministry over the years, taking in troubled youth to live in her home, she became “great” not only in God’s sight but also in theirs.

Donna also possessed great acting ability, and was a “drama queen!” From primary school, she involved herself in reciting and acting, and her articulate speech and poise always earned her the spot of the narrator. She seemed to be in her best element when placed on the stage; therefore, it was no surprize that she attached herself to the drama group first to assist with the music at Fellowship Baptist Church. Drama was in her bloodline so she was well at home.

Coming from a family who participated and excelled generally in all sports, Donna seemed not to be blessed with any athletic ability like her other siblings. After leaving Queen’s College, she played Netball and Field Hockey with Paradise, Smirnoff and Nicks as their sponsor. When she found out she was a late sports bloomer, she became a Soccer player; fully converting from the injurious game of field hockey. With her latent athleticism, she also became a gym enthusiast and an avid walker.

In every area her life, Donna was meticulous and pursued a more excellent way! Excellence was her hallmark and everything was put in its proper place. Donna, feeling the need to create order became a FIFA Assistant Referee with the Grand Bahama Football Federation. She also became a scorer for the Grand Bahama Baseball Junior League.Donna was also an avid bowler who spent many nights perfecting her technique. Always wanting to make someone’s day brighter, she allocated time in her very busy schedule to tutor individuals in Mathematics and Reading, and to strengthen them academically. She also worked in the Adult Literacy/Reading Programme in conjunction with the Rotary Club and Ministry of Education. Her ability to simplify the lessons allowed high school students and college entry level applicants achieve their life-long dreams.

Never a dull moment did Donna have, and aside from the above she found time to do crossword puzzles, play board games, and put together thousands of pieces of jigsaw puzzles, which she framed and mounted on the walls of her family and personal homes. As technology advanced, she found time to play Scrabble on her I-Pad and read a good book from her Kindle, which she took with her almost everywhere.
Her siblings found that Donna was a good listener, and was the ideal person to talk with whenever there were decisions to make, particularly difficult ones. She would listen and gently give her views without complaining or trying to be harsh. Many times, we knew the answer and she was just a sounding board, but she listened and that is one thing we all loved about her. She was not ever a contentious person even if she was annoyed with you. She was peaceable and as far as possible lived the Biblical admonition: “As much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all.”
Family was everything to Donna. Although she found the relocation to Grand Bahama hard, she remained connected to her siblings in Nassau by often introducing them to the family members she thought she discovered when she relocated. Donna immediately adjusted as she was adopted into the family of her new found friend, Chrystal Thompson. Not long thereafter, Donna was joined in Freeport by her sister, Wendy, and her family when her brother-in-law Gregory Moss returned to his childhood island to take up a new law practice. She felt overjoyed that she now had someone else in her immediate family to nurture. She was even more elated when her baby sister Grace joined her in 2005 to take up a new job. She unselfishly shared her home with Grace and her son, Gervez.
Even though involved in the many areas of Grand Bahama life she always took time off on Mother’s Day and Christmas and on special events like graduations, christenings and weddings to join the Nassau family. She was our planner, events’ and accounts’ organiser and would have the menus for the events, along with the itemised costs e-mailed to each family member. She had the costing and the bill for each person down to the last cent - the last accounting was for Reuben’s funeral in February. Nobody knew, only those involved, and she kept meticulous notes and did not accept excuses, sometimes texting all night with her views.

Donna always lugged the karaoke machine from Grand Bahama to Nassau and the new generation of nieces and nephews were shown the dances of the seventies and the eighties “Donna-style” and encouraged to sing along to music with sensible and meaningful lyrics. Laughter and storytelling would ring out as Donna, in her usual style, sang off key, and the Duncombe household participated in the merriment and fellowship. One with a giving spirit and a heart of gold, every year each person had a Christmas gift from Donna and gifts were exchanged even when she was made redundant by the Port Authority in December 2009. Birthdays were special and Donna made it a point, as was traditional, to call everyone on their birthdays, selecting appropriate cards for the special occasions, the sentiments of which brought tears to many eyes.

Donna loved celebrating birthdays and was responsible for all the special birthday commemorative booklets and functions. When her mother celebrated her 70th birthday in 2008 and Aunt Mildred her 70th birthday earlier in January, she single-handedly prepared their commemorative booklets, and diligently put together the birthday tributes. As was her professional and fastidious style, she gave each family member a deadline to respond with submissions and if that time was missed, too bad...too sad! She moved on and printed and that person was excluded! Finally she completed her job when she tallied the cost to each sibling to underwrite the costs of any of the planned functions.

After years of medical speculation, in 2003 turbulence started to swirl around Donna when she was diagnosed with Scleroderma, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Despite seeing many specialists, and using a variety of medication, she continued her involvement in numerous activities. She described herself as an enigma because she was truly a walking medical specimen. She recounted the story over and over again when she went to The Cleveland Clinic and her specialist called everyone to see her as they could not believe that she was alive and walking based on the low oxygen readings. From this point on in 2009, she was required to wear a caninula to enhance her breathing, and she wore it graciously, dragging her little black oxygen concentrator behind her or draped on her shoulders. When asked how she was feeling - she often replied “I am not sick; I have a medical ailment and I am only using oxygen to breathe.”

Regardless of her level of pain, Donna never lamented or showed any difference in her appearance and was stoic in her walk. Her siblings suggested that she stay for a while in New Providence due to her illness, which started to take a toll on her mobility. Her hope never wavered and everyone chipped in to ensure that she was comfortable. She did not complain and with hope in God as her daily motivator, she displayed these words on her telephone status: “Huff and puff Satan; I’m a brick house!”

Prior to relocating to Nassau in 2010, her sister Wendy made certain that Donna visited her doctors regularly and in spite of her demanding schedule was responsible for taking Donna for her visits, her home also becoming Donna’s home whenever necessary. She also took time to also travel with Donna to Florida when her medical visits demanded, and Sunday’s family dinner was mandatory.

Upon her relocation to Nassau in 2010, Donna worshipped at Jubilee Mission Baptist Ministries where her brother, Stephen, serves as Pastor. Upon the death of their organist in August 2011, Donna accepted the appointment as Leader of the Music Ministry at Jubilee in September 2011. Once again a sense of purpose and pride was seen on her face as she challenged the Praise Team to pursue excellence.

When Donna was discharged from hospital in December 2010, she said she wanted a change in scenery and moved in with her sister, Daphne, and brother-in-law, Reuben, and their family. Her niece, Reuné and nephew, Reuben, were excited to have “Aunty Donna” and they cemented their familial bond, she baby-sitting them on many occasions and assisting with their reading and other home assignments. While resident in the Cooper household, she also attended Sunday School and worship services at The Mission Baptist Church, and assisted on a weekly basis with the preparation of The Informer, the regular Order of Worship, getting her Union Hymn Book to play the tunes of the hymns selected. Being always considerate, she returned to the “old homestead” in February 2012 when her nephew, Reuben, transitioned to give her family “privacy to grieve”.
Donna took copious notes of her ailment, medications, relapses, treatments and hospitalizations as she was used as a medical specimen whenever she was hospitalized. No other patient was as happy as she to share with the interns, joking with them that she was probably the only living specimen they would investigate. She also kept candid “Hospital Memoirs”.

Romans 8:25 says: “But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.” Preparation and systems were being put into place for Donna to obtain stem cell treatment, which hope she was holding onto as her last resort to assist with her illness. She had been favoured by God again, and a medical donor had been identified to assist with medical expenses. Donna, however, wanted the endorsement of her local pulmonologist, who was to conduct further research and respond to her later in the week of September 9th, 2012.

On Monday, 10th September, 2012 a gale force wind started to blow when Donna complained about chest tightness and not being able to breathe. She was taken by ambulance to the Princess Margaret Hospital where she was placed, after examination, in the Intensive Care Unit. Donna’s family and friends watched over her daily. Sadly Donna’s prognosis for recovery appeared bleak but as she assured her family two days earlier on Sunday 9th September: “God can heal even in death”.

Donna appeared so peaceful on Thursday, 13th September, 2012 we knew she was in the presence of angels. On the morning of Friday 14th September, 2012 at 3:45 a call was received by her sister, Patrice, from the Princess Margaret Hospital that Donna had taken a turn for the worst. Her family rushed to the hospital, but the Master of the Tempest, the one whom the wind, sea and rain obeyed had called his servant home at 4:00 a.m.

Master, the terror is over, the elements sweetly rest;
Earth’s sun in the calm lake is mirrored, and Heaven’s within my beast;
Linger, O blessed Redeemer! Leave me alone no more;
And with joy I shall make the blest harbour, and rest on the blissful shore.

Loved ones include: Mother: Florinda Duncombe Siblings: Daphne Duncombe-Cooper, Rev. Stephen G. Duncombe, Patrice Duncombe-Saunders, Wendy Duncombe-Moss, Grace Duncombe and Tavalla Sherman; In-Laws: Dr. R. E. Cooper, Jr., Jacqueline Pople-Duncombe, Joseph Saunders and Gregory Moss; Nieces/Nephews: Janario, Tishana, and Chanté Saunders, Stephen II, Stenard and Simone Duncombe, Edward, Gabrielle & William Moss, Reuné Cooper, Tristan Sherman and Gervez Hamilton; Grand Nephew:Tyrique Saunders; Aunts/Uncles: Mildred Knowles, Larry & Wendy Duncombe, Carol Duncombe and Edith Anderson; Relatives & Friends: Demetrius Knowles, Laura & Erica Duncombe, Linda Basden, Glenda Thompson, Deborah, Renee, Sandy and Edward Ingraham, Kevin, Karen, Samuel, Kendrick & Quentin Anderson, Willie Jean, Libby, Vivia, Cyndy, Langton Jr. and Dawn Bain, - Raymond Forbes, Loretta "Jenny" Forbes Mott, Ricky Forbes, Carmen Forbes, Karen "Peggy" Deveaux, Ellarese Thurston and Pamela Taylor and their families, Arlington & Andrea Moss & Family, Carnett and Cyril Pinder & Family, Verna Pinder & Family, Ismae Rahming, Dr. Nelson, Mark, Marita and Sereta Clarke, Joanne Poitier & Family, Chrystal Thompson & Family, Corine LaVille, Nicole Campbell & Family, Marsha Woods-Williams, Anischka Strachan, Callona Hepburn-Wallace, Isla Garraway-Deane & Family Lorraine Armbrister , LeShane Symonette, Venus Longley, Siobhan and Michelle Deane, Bartholomew & Sandra Bastian & Family, Deborah McKenzie & Family, Lilly Rolle & Family, Verna Duncombe & Family, The Adderley Family (Dorchester Street), Helena Rolle, Yorick Brown & Family, Patrick Rose & Family, Rev. Irene Coakley, Faith Francis & Family, Denise Fernander & Family, Charlene Simmons and Family, The Families of the Late Annie-Mae Campbell, Alzona Taylor and Simeon Brown, Vanda Morris & Family, Patricia Chisholm & Family, Maedawn Munroe & Family, Rev. Dr. Philip McPhee & Family, Prince McPhee & Family, Kenneth Saunders, Cordell & Miriam Roberts & Family, Rev. Elva Johnson & Family, Jeffery Bannister & Family, Timothy Bailey, Anthony Williamson, Joshua Rolle, Kirk and Melanie James, Lee Marvin Johnson, Wilton and Taniko Cunningham, Brian and Claudette Nixon & Family, Carlton Bosfield, Brion Roxbury, Kayla Saunders, Tammy Mitchell, Sophie Smith, Kevin and Karen Seymour, Paul Messam, Caudell Mcnab, Brenda Patton & Family, Yvette R. Smith, Byron and Chrystal Stubbs & Family, Elleanor Lewis, Violet Pintard, Dora Charlton, Ella Charlton, Lynden Douglas, Edney Sherman & Family, , Joyce Evans & Family, Greg Thompson, Basil Dean, Godfrey Burnside, Jeffery and Loretta Simmons & Family, Kenrick Blatch, Noival Smith, Deno Cartwright, Athoro Bowleg, Taneicia Adderley, Pershona Gray, Elder Louise Pople & Family, Dec. John and Laverne Pople, Arthur Rolle, The staff of the Bahamas Department of Meteorology, Youth of Fellowship Union Baptist (past and present), Dr. Kevin Moss, Dr. Nwosa, Dr.Winston Forbes, The entire Miller, Duncombe, and Baillou Families, Ira Swaby Jr. & Sr., Joe and Paula Harris, Dr. Eric Brown, Alex and Sherise Brown, Evis Frith, Keith “Mattress” Russell, Marjorie Thomas, Ken "Motor Boat" Ferguson; Bereaved Community: FSU Alumni, Family of Fellowship Union Baptist Church, Dr. & Mrs. Keith Russell, Jubilee Mission Church Family, Rev. Dr. Charles Saunders and The Bahamas Baptist Union of Churches, The Mission Baptist Church Family, Mt. Calvary Baptist Cathedral Family, Queen’s College Classes of 1975 & 1977, Kingdom Culture and the Entire GB Junkanoo Community, The Grand Bahama Sporting Community : Freeport Rugby Club Hockey team, GB Amateur Baseball Association Scorer, GB Bowling Team, Executive GB Football League, Grand Bahamas Port Authority Limited and Grand Bahama Airport Company Limited.
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Posted By: Patrick Wilson Jr. on 9/19/2012 7:56:31 PM
My prayers go out to the family and friends of Donna. Rest in peace my sister!
Posted By: Wendell G. Dean II on 9/20/2012 8:47:56 PM
My condolences to the family of Donna, may God's Grace and Peace be with you all, as you go through this time of testing. Remember that "God's Strength is made perfect in your time of weakness, He'll carry you when can't carry on, His strength is perfect when your strength is gone."
Posted By: Lisa Pinder-Knowles on 9/21/2012 12:50:52 AM
My deepest condolences to you Wendy, Patrice, Daphne, Grace, Tavalla, Stephen and the entire family.I am so sorry for your loss. Donna will be missed by all who knew and loved her!
Posted By: Mackell Stuart on 9/21/2012 1:35:42 AM
My condolences to the Duncome family on the passing of your loved one. Isaiah 41:10, 13 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”
Posted By: Adelaide & Adolphus Pinder, Freeport on 9/24/2012 8:09:49 AM
With sincere sympathy to the family of Donna Duncombe. May your memories of the wonderful times you shared with her, comfort the family today and always. It was an enjoyable pleasure working with Donna at The Grand Bahama Airport Company. Good memories will always linger in our hearts. A great loss to our Bahamas. Rest in peace our dear friend.
Posted By: Edmund & Bernadette Johnson on 9/24/2012 11:01:44 AM
Take comfort in knowing your loved one is resting peaceful, without no pain. Thoughts and prayers with the family RIP...........
Posted By: Celeste McIntosh & F E S Construction Limited on 9/25/2012 4:39:13 AM
May the peace from above be with each and every one of you during this your time of bereavement. We will miss Donna.
Posted By: Ina LeBlanc on 9/25/2012 6:02:03 AM
My sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Donna Duncombe. I had the pleasure of playing soccer with Donna in Freeport. I admired Donna as she always gave her best performance no matter what. A very pleasant, heart warming young lady who I had the pleasure of meeting and what came with that is fond memories. RIP.
Posted By: Jean Branston from England on 10/4/2012 10:34:10 PM
I was saddened to hear the news of Donna's demise. She was a lovely dynamic lady always friendly and concerned about the welfare of others.I would like to offer my sincere condolences to her family and friends. God Bless you all. In Prayer.
Posted By: Julie on 11/9/2012 10:00:32 AM
Donna was the type of person who always knew how to keep a smile on someone's face she was one of the happiest people i ever met...when i heard the news i was sadden because she didn't pass on a regular day for me but my birthday at that to the family of Donna i will forever keep you in my prayers we loved her dearly but God know what was best...sleep on Donna you will be missed!!
Posted By: Patrice Duncombe Saunders on 11/15/2012 7:58:06 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort to the Duncombe family. Your outpouring of love was testamentary to the life Donna lived and has helped to lighten the sadness of our loss. We loved Donna dearly and her memories will forever linger in our hearts. The Duncombe family is indeed grateful to you.
Posted By: Christopher Cafferata, Co-Founder, Freeport Rugby Football Club on 11/24/2012 4:04:45 PM
Freeport Rugby and Football Club was founded in September 1965, and for several years, field hockey was one of the sports which was catered by the Club. Donna was a leading member of the hockey section, she was always willing to participate on and off the field, and she remained a Member of the Club for many years even after the hockey section was closed down due to falling membership. She was a very popular Member of the Club and always happy to supply us with reports of pending weather. The Club Committee and Members have requested me to contact her family to express our deepest condolences to the family at her sad passing at such a young age. With best wishes.

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