Spencer Carey

Spencer Carey

11/30/2016 10:23:35 AM

On October 25th, 1948 Charles and Maude Lin Carey of Montrose Avenue in the Valley on the Island of New Providence, welcomed their fifth child, a son Spencer Martin. Spencer was a quiet child who grew into a humble and dependable young man.

His father Charles was a master carpenter within the construction industry, as well as an accomplished musician. The Carey household was always filled with music and of course, their children were all musically inclined. At an early age Spencer showed an exceptional and outstanding ability in musicology and it became evident that he had a gift for the craft.   

Spencer and his brothers, Mark and Roscoe, were instrumental in the formation of the musical group, The Satellites. Members of the band also included talented young artists such as Ali Adams, “Clee” Marshall, Hilton Adderley, Leroy Samuels, Glenroy Nottage, and the Brennen brothers. These young musicians performed at many local concerts.  The Satellites were often the opening act at The Cat and Fiddle for popular American artists such as Aretha Franklin and Jerry Butler.

 In addition to performing with their group, the Carey brothers also travelled abroad, primarily to the United States, for additional musical training and experience.

Spencer and his brothers, along with their father, gained the recognition of local entertainment establishments under the name The Spencer Carey Orchestra. They landed a contract with the LeCabaret Theatre on Paradise Island. Members of their orchestra also included Duke Errol, Pedro Coakley, Lance Hudson, Oral Hudson, Lawrence Russell, Lou Adams, and Junior Hepburn.

Employment with the LeCabaret Theatre continued for several years. The music industry was then faced with the challenging reality that the entertainment establishments in the country were pursuing more economical avenues for maintaining the ‘live’ orchestra sound with recorded music. This development created displacement in employment for many local entertainers, who then had to seek alternative employment, and the Careys were no exception. Ironically, Spencer and his brother Roscoe once again followed in their father’s footsteps, and joined other musicians with whom they had built friendships over the years, by becoming capable independent construction contractors. 

Spencer continued in this field and in 2001, he and his team carried out renovations for the newly relocated office of Bruce LaFleur & Associates. He remained with this Architectural firm as Property Manager for repairs and construction up until his untimely death on the 18th of November 2016.

Spencer was loved and admired by all that knew him as he was always willing to assist with any tasks or projects given to him.  He will forever be remembered as an exceptional person by the Staff of Bruce LaFleur & Associates, its clients and tenants.

As a young man Spencer was also a member of the Junkanoo group, The Valley Boys. When his nephew Bruce Pierre LaFleur joined the Push Paper Crew of The Valley Boys, Spencer assisted the group in doing all that he could in getting them to Bay Street. Spencer himself never physically returned to Bay but in true form, as the humble man that he was, he stayed in the shadows and was so proud of those that were in the spotlight representing The Valley. The evening prior to his passing he was back in the shack full of energy and vigor, reminiscing about the good ole days. 

In 2015, Spencer returned to music by offering to assist the band leader at St. George’s Anglican Church, Mr. Neil Pinder, with young aspiring musicians in developing their talent. This voluntary position rekindled the music within Spencer as you would often find him at the job site playing his trumpet, without an audience, for his own pleasure. It was obvious that he had once again found his 1st love…music.


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