Rev. Matthias Munroe

Rev. Matthias Munroe

5/22/2017 12:40:22 PM
On 3rd May, 1924, a bouncing baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Munroe on the small island of Duncan Town, Ragged Island, Bahamas. He was given the name Matthias Egbert Munroe.

At the age of 12, Matthias and his family moved to the city of Nassau to complete he and his siblings’ education and future careers.

Matthias, as a boy and through his early twenties, attended Emmanuel Gospel Chapel with his family, which was located in the Bains and Grants Town area on the island of New Providence, and it was at Emmanuel Gospel Chapel, he became the pioneer and organizer of the 1st Sunday School. This was where he also met and married his wife, the Late Princess Louise Munroe (nee Williams).

Comrade Matthias Munroe at the age of 20 joined Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force(RAF) in September 1943 when the call was made from the British Empire for all Commonwealth Colonies to provide volunteers between the ages of 18-40 to join the battle for worldwide freedom. He immediately adhered to this call to serve, along with hundreds of other young Bahamian men at that time, to place their lives on the line for the protection against the evils of War. During World War II, Comrade Munroe served as a Royal Airforce AC2 Engineer. His task was to service the engines of War Aircrafts coming into The Bahamas from the Battlefield for fuel and rest. He served in this capacity until the War ended in September of 1945.

On November 15, 1944, Matthias married his life soul mate, the Late Princess Louise Munroe (nee Williams). This union was blessed with eleven children; seven girls and four boys. They were married for 54 years upon the heavenly departure of Princess Louise during September, 1999.

After the War ended in 1945, Comrade Munroe joined the Royal British Legion Organization to spread and to maintain the legacy of all Bahamians who served in both World Wars I and II. He was very active in this organization and served in many positions ending as Vice Chairman of the British Legion-Bahamas Branch until his demise.

In the early 1950s, Matthias Munroe, along with his wife Princess Louise, established a non-profit outreach ministry known as The Full Gospel Rescue Mission in the Bains and Grants Town community, on a street known as South Street. It was at this outreach mission that the poor would gather on an annual basis for grocery distributions and preaching of the gospel. This led Matthias and his wife to the establishing of their presence at weekly visits to the Geriatrics Hospital located in the eastern part of New Providence, where the word of God was preached to the elderly patients and cookies distributed at the end of these weekly visits.

In the late 50s, Matthias and his wife Princess Louise, joined Bethel Baptist Church located on Meeting Street, Nassau, Bahamas. It was at Bethel Baptist Church that in the early 60s that Matthias was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by the Late Dr. H.W. Brown, the then Pastor of the Church. Reverend Munroe served in this ministerial capacity, at Bethel Baptist Church, for 67 years until his passing. He was the last of the “H.W. Brown Group of Ministers.”

Matthias held many professional hats but the majority of his professional career was that of a Hotelier. As a hotelier in the early 1970s, he was one of the very 1st Bahamian young men of color to be hired in a managerial position at the Emerald Beach Hotel, which was located on Cable Beach, Nassau. This pioneering breakthrough was at a time when tourism in The Bahamas began to excel and a new Bahamas was on the arisen.

In the early 1980s, he was one of the first pioneers in the Ministry of Tourism “People-to-People” Program in preforming destination weddings at the many hotels and on the many beaches until his retirement at the age of 90.

In the late 1990s-early 2000s, Matthias retired as a hotelier, and became instrumental in the building of the former Cable Beach Hotel and the extensive renovations at the formerly named Nassau International Airport now known as the Sir Lyden Pindling International Airport. He served as personnel manager for the Balfour Betty Company, the contractor of these entities at that time.

Reverend Matthias Munroe lived a FULL Life and now he has gone on to reap his final reward.
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