Judy Glover

Judy Glover

1/25/2017 11:31:16 AM

Joy filled the air on June 4th 1955 in the quiet settlement of Abraham’s Bay, Mayaguana when a healthy and beautiful baby girl was born to Flora Charlton and the late Amos McPhee. She was given the name Judy Mae McPhee.The name Judy means praise in Hebrew. As a child Judy was obedient, hardworking, pleasant and had a natural light about her.

In her formative years Judy was a student at Eastern Junior and Senior Schools. She grew up in the church and for many years she attended the Annex Baptist Cathedral alongside much of her family.  Judy later joined Zion Baptist Church on East and Shirley Streets, where she worshiped until she passed.

In 1973 a spark was ignited when Judy met and fell in love with the debonair Julian Glover.  In September of 1975 they were married.  Two years later their beautiful daughter Vanessa Juliette was born.

As a young woman Judy possessed a love for service and she worked well with others. She took on various roles in the retail sector. She learned to cook at an early age and put that skill to use. She was employed for more than 10 years as a key member of staff at the City Market Deli on Village and Wulff Roads.  She developed many lifelong friendships with her colleagues during her tenure. You always knew when Judy prepared the baked macaroni; it was more mouth-watering, possessed all of the extras and had that special touch.

Judy received rave reviews on all of the dishes that she prepared and she loved the look of satisfaction from her loyal customers. She took her skills to the Shirley Street Deli for a few years and skillfully managed a gift shop on Paradise Island as well. A new opportunity came her way when she joined the team at Colombian Emeralds International. As with everything in her life Judy learned all that she could about the fine jewelry business.
She had a keen eye for details, was service oriented, friendly, worked well with the public and enjoyed success over the years with customers who came back to see her on a regular basis.  She positively impacted the lives of other young ladies in the business. They were drawn to her warm, genuine, mature and caring energy. They looked to her as a role model as she took many of them under her wing providing guidance on the journey of life.  Judy shared stories about what mattered to her the most and lead by example. Without question she was a leader, a true team player and a loyal friend to all.

Matthew 20:26 notes that it shall not be this way among you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. This verse speaks directly to Judy’s life. She gave of her energy and time to help others.  At family functions she would often be seen helping to serve the food and tidy up after the annual gatherings.  You could also hear her infectious laughter as she cheerfully did her part.

By her actions she showed that she was her own woman. Judy was a no-nonsense plain spoken gem. She possessed a special way of letting you know her views and thoughts on a subject or regarding your behavior.  Devoted, driven, vibrant, energetic, dynamic, caring and committed are all character pearls in Judy’s life story.

Without question Judy was the pillar, foundation and reinforced steel of her family. With unmatched enthusiasm she cared for Julian, Vanessa and Omar. When Master Cohen came into her life, he took over Mama’s world and her heart.  She paid special attention to all of his needs and requests. His peculiar and ever-changing tastes in food kept her on her toes.   Her daughter Vanessa was also the apple of her eye. She was a firm and loving mother who wanted the best for Vanessa in all aspects of her life.  She was proud to see Vanessa graduate from university and become the woman that she is today. She supported her husband Julian in all of his endeavors and stood alongside him for forty-one years.

As the consummate homemaker Judy never slowed down even in her retirement. Her goal was to always ensure that her family and household were covered.  She also loved her extended family, many siblings, neighborhood family and longtime friends.  To know her was to love her; she gave and expected respect as she moved throughout her life and would have it no other way.

During the latter part of the summer of 2016 Judy began experiencing a change in her health. She faced these unchartered waters with prayer, strength, grace, grit and perseverance. During her illness she received treatment at the Princess Margaret Hospital. To ensure that she received the best care possible she was air-lifted to the Cleveland Clinic in Florida.Her support team traveled with her and remained at her bedside. They did all that they could to keep her spirits high, maintain her happiness and her sense of peace. During Judy’s time there she expressed her willingness to fight whatever came her way. This was her testimony as visitors came and left. In a conversation with her sister Betty and niece Dellareese she expressed that she was at peace with herself and the circumstances. Later in a conversation with her sister Daseline (Nancy) she said that Julian is praying for a miracle, but that she is praying for her own miracle. She remained steadfast in her faith while facing her biggest challenge of her life. In one of the last conversations she had with Julian she told him that Jesus was her friend and she will live with Him.

When Judy returned home in early January, she was grateful for life and was at peace with the Lord. Numerous well-wishers stopped by to visit and pray with and for her. She was cared for by her devoted family along with nurse Diane Crosgill who was a godsend and retired nurse Yvonne Symmonett. On the evening of January 15th, while her loving husband, daughter and eldest sister Betty stood at her bedside she transitioned into eternity.

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