Jermaine Coakley

Jermaine Coakley

3/7/2016 4:29:41 PM

A Time to be Born

On April 1st 1987 God blessed this world with a bouncing baby boy.  He was named, Jermaine Douglas Coakley.  

A Time to Learn

Jermaine received his early education at St. George’s Preschool and then Palmdale Primary.  He was an extremely bright young man and at an early age it was apparent that he was gifted with his hands.  He had a keen interest in electronics and it was this deep passion that later led him to enroll at BTVI where he pursued Automotive Repair and Electronics. 

A Time to Work

Jermaine had numerous summer and part-time jobs.  Most notably, was his employment at GEMS 105.9FM Radio Station where he was often heralded by management & staff as a critical and exemplary team member who was exceptionally loyal and dedicated and one who always went above and beyond his call of duty.   In November of 2006, Jermaine founded JDC Productions, a multimedia company that specializes in video recording/productions.  Jermaine was an extremely talented technician and ranked among the very best in his field.  He was also very passionate about his company and he was determined to see it grow from strength to strength until the very end. 

A Time to Serve

Jermaine had a heart for helping people and was often called upon to assist others with computers, videos or whatever he could to lend a helping hand and he would do so willingly and selflessly. He was also active in his church and served around the altar, and CYM etc., until he became occupied with his business. 

A Time to Die

On Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 at around 11:30pm, after complaining of stomach and chest pains, Jermaine quietly slipped away from time into eternity. 

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