Eugene Darbouze

Eugene Darbouze

10/27/2016 3:14:40 PM

In the hills of the beautiful city of Port au Prince, Haiti on April 8, 1950 a baby boy given the name Eugene Viaud was born to the parentage of Marie and Viaud Darbouze and at the time of his birth they knew he would be someone special.  This love child of theirs grew as a respectable, considerate caring child.  He was easy to love and to get along with as he exemplified a respect and love for all with prejudice was given the name Eugene Viaud.  Darbouze grew into a responsible gentleman who was family oriented and who loved the kitchen.

It was from the Hills of Port au Prince where Eugene grew up that the daily sight of the Harbour and her continuous flow of merchant ships cause a deep love to develop in Eugene for boats and the seas.  Upon completing his schooling in Haiti Eugene worked as an apprentice in one of the local restaurants.  While he loved the kitchen and advanced in his training Darbouze was promoted to being a Chef. 

Although promoted Eugene could not deny his desire to be better and was able to relocate to Florida to relatives where he continued his training in culinary skills.  This relentless pursuit to  better himself as a chef landed Eugene an opportunity; it was that one moment in time an window big enough for Eugene to slip through.  The Emerald Seas cruise line was recruiting workers and in particular Chefs, Darbouze fine culinary skills and exposure to preparation of French and Gourmet Cuisine made Darbouze not only an asset but afforded him the opportunity to cruise the seas and prepare fine cuisines the two things he loved doing.

It was Eugene’s employment on the Emerald Seas that brought him to the shores of the Bahamas and upon visiting a neighboring Pastor (his uncle) he met the brown eyed beauty Ruth, she was beautiful, sociable, independent and strong.  However Eugene’s gentleman’s demeanor, kind heartedness, caring voice and love for family won the heart of this Belle and after a four year romance and courtship he married Ruth Minus. 

During this time Darbouze worked on the cruise ship for some years before retiring and fully relocating in Nassau where he worked at Club Med for some years before transitioning to the construction field alongside his son in law Carl Fisher for many years before retiring.  Upon retiring Darbouze could be found throughout the neighborhood sitting somewhere smoking his cigarettes or having a cocktail, but he was never far away from the homestead.  In November 2015 Darbouze health began to visibly deteriorate he was hospitalized for some time before being released although Darbouze showed signs of recovery on Saturday 16th October 2016 Darbouze was admitted to hospital and on Saturday 23rd October 2016 just how he lived quiet and peaceful so he died.

For thirty-three years of marriage Eugene’s love never faltered he loved and remained in love with Ruth. Daily he would stand at door and just lovingly look at her without a word just a smile on his face. Darbouze was a loving husband and a caring father to Ruth and her children and there were no distinction in his love or concern for each of them.  He provided for all, was supported of all and was father to us all. 

Today we lay to rest mama’s husband and our Papa, Today we say thank you for loving us, providing for us, caring for us, going to the hospital with us and taking us to school, thank you for making us responsible and for saving us from getting beaten, thank you for never uttering one harsh or unkind word to us, thank you for being a gentleman and for respecting us, thanking for never changing or leaving and thank you for your constant support and encouragement.  Today we say thank you, thank you, thank you….today we say take well deserve rest.  We release you to better and best, rest on Papa.

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