Dr. John Cornelius Alexander Godet Sr.

Dr. John Cornelius Alexander Godet Sr.

3/11/2016 4:07:44 PM

John Alexander Cornelius Godet was born on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Grand Turk, Turks Island to Leon Selver Godet and Irene Gladys Godet.

John received his secondary education at Wolmer’s School in Kingston, Jamaica.  He went on to further his education at Lincoln University in Lincoln, PA.  During his time at Lincoln he joined the fraternity Omega Psi Phi where he formed a sense of brotherhood that remained dear to his heart to the very end. He then went on to further his education in Nashville, TN at Meharry University, where he earned his doctorate in dentistry, while attending Meharry he met and later married Gwendolyn Adrienne Moore. The couple resided in Nashville for two years and the couple was blessed with two sons Eric and Andre.  They relocated to New York for a brief period before settling in Nassau Bahamas.  Where he was blessed with a daughter Pamela and his youngest son John, Jr.

In the early 1960’s Dr. John Godet joined the Bahamas General Hospital flying dental program by which dental services were made available to all family islands.  Later he went into private practice full time.

 Dr. John Godet had many passions which included; fishing, farming and horses. He was also extremely creative and an avid woodworker and made beautiful pens and other trinkets out of native wood. He often shared with the family works of poetry and paintings that he did in his spare time.  Dr. John Godet had a real affection for gardening and could often be found spending many early mornings and weekends in his yard. He was an active member of the New Providence Pi Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and always looked forward to the time spent with the brothers. 

On November 24th, 2002 Dr. John Godet lost his loving wife Gwen. He soon retired from dentistry to follow full time the passion of farming agriculture and livestock. 

On February 4, 2006 Dr. John Godet married Sylvia Sealy in a beautiful ceremony at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.

Over the past ten years he would split his time farming in Exuma and with wife Sylvia in Nassau.  He was an active and dedicated servant of Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, in Nassau where he once chaired the parish council, he also attended St. Theresa Catholic Church, in George Town, Exuma.

Dr. John Godet passed away unexpectedly outside of his farm in Exuma, March 10, 2016. He will be remembered as a loving and loyal husband, a devoted father and an excellent dentist. As a person he was very pragmatic, hardworking, honest, knowledgeable and faithful.

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