Dominic Leonardo King-Lloyd

Dominic Leonardo King-Lloyd

2/24/2016 4:07:06 PM



Our destination is a place, far greater than we know,

For some the journey is quicker, for some the journey is slow.

We all have different journeys, different paths along the way,

We all were meant to learn some things, But never meant to stay.”



Many significant events occurred during the year 1977.  The world celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II;the first Apple computer went on sale to the public; the 25 hour New York City blackout took place and snow fell for the first time in Miami, Florida and in The Bahamas.

It was on Saturday February 19th, a momentous event occurred in The Bahamas.  It was on this day that the parentage of Charles Lloyd and Celestine King welcomed a baby boy who would have a phenomenal impact on the lives of many Bahamians. The baby was given the name Dominic Leonardo (King) Lloyd.  A life-long Anglican,   Dominic was baptized and grew up in St Agnes Anglican Church.  He enjoyed the hymns of the Church, with his favourite being Hymn # 81 (A & M) – “Songs of Thankfulness and Praise”. From a very young age, Dominic displayed that warm infectious smile and charm that could melt any heart.  He was raised in a loving home in Marathon Estates by his mother Celestine; his maternal great-grandmother, Ethel Pauline Hall (deceased); grandparents, Osborne(deceased) and Clara Rose King, and the rest of the King Clan.  His paternal grandmother, Eltoy Taylor doted on him and played an important part in his life up until the time of her death.



As a baby, Dominic was nurtured at Mrs. Bloneva Darville’s Nursery, and Mrs. Joyce Curtis’Pre-school, Phase One Head Start.  Following in the King family tradition of ensuring that every child was afforded the best in education, Dominic enrolled in St John’s Prep and continued on to St. John’s College, graduating in 1995.  While in High School, he was a member of the Technical Cadet Programme, and received the award for the Most Outstanding Technical Cadet at the Water & Sewerage Corporation.  Additionally, during the summer holidays he worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, at the Botanical Gardens and also Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation, Perpall Tract Station. It was in 1993 when Mrs. Esther Deryckere paid a visit to Celestine at her home and met Dominic.  As a result of this encounter Dominic worked at Sun And Restaurant on a part-time basis during his last two years in high school.  It was here that he gained the invaluable training that allowed him to excel in his chosen career.  Upon graduation, Dominic enrolled at The Bahamas Hotel Training College and pursued a degree in Culinary Arts.  At BHTC, he perfected his skills in this discipline and had the opportunity to travel to Europe for an exchange program as part of his training. He also was a member of the National Culinary Team and during a competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Dominic was a member of the Bahamas’ Team that got a 3rd place finish.



After Dominic graduated from Bahamas Hotel Training College, he took up employment at Sun And Restaurant on a full time basis.  He then continued his career at The Treasure Cay Resort and Marina where he remained for approximately 7 years. Returning to Nassau he decided to venture into another profession and was employed with Novus Construction Company.  Although Dominic did not have any formal training in this field, he was a quick study and in a very short time, had mastered many facets of the construction business. However, he continued cooking on a part time basis.  Despite the fact that Dominic was an excellent employee at Novus Construction he longed to return to his first love, cooking.  This longing and desire was fulfilled upon his joining the staff of the Twisted Lime Sports Bar & Grill when they opened their doors in 2012.  Chef Dominic was in his element; creating new and exciting dishes for the menu.  In 2014, Dominic left the Twisted Lime and returned to work with Novus Construction Company, while still catering for functions and events in his spare time.  In February 2015, Dominic was offered the job as the Head Chef at The Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco. The people of Green Turtle Cay welcomed Dominic with open arms and the restaurant received rave reviews as once again he rose to the occasion performing his duties with distinction and preparing unique and innovative dishes. 



The name “DOMINIC” is derived from Latin and its meaning is OF THE LORD” while LEONARDO” comes from Old Italian and means LION STRENGTH”.  It is not a mere coincidence that this extraordinary young man was given these 2 names at his birth.  All of his life, he has lived up to the meanings of those names.  “DOM” and “DOUBLE” are just 2 of the names that he was affectionately called by members of the family while his little cousin Leah had her own special name for him, “DOMINOES”.  The name “POP POPS” was what his little sister Brittany gave him and that was a special code that was exclusive only to them.  He loved his family unconditionally and everyone who came in contact with Dom was enriched by having met him.  Always smiling, happy and full of life, that was Dominic! Family gatherings were a special time for him, as he believed in celebrating special occasions in particular and life in general. Culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of descendants of Cat Island, and Dominic embraced this fully.  From a young age, Grandpa Ossie taught him the art of boat building, sailing, Quadrille, Heel and Toe Polka and other dances, and he mastered them all.  Dom’s love of culture was also evidenced by his involvement in Junkanoo, having started “rushin” from the age of 22 months.  He was a proud, loyal and life-long member of The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Organization, where he made invaluable contributions. It is to his credit that the all male choreograph dancers were introduced to the group a few years ago.



In 2004 Dominic became the proud father of his son Brandon Mekhi Lloyd. After the birth of his son, Dominic ensured that he became a devoted and responsible father.  In 2007 Dominic met Dominica Wright of Bimini, and they were married in July 2011.  Dominica’s son, Orlando Wright-Robins was welcomed and they became a blended family. Dom ensured that he spent time with Brandon, and whenever possible they would be in each other’s company, strengthening that bond between father and son. He referred to Brandon as “LIL MAN”.   He embraced every opportunity he got to enjoy cherished moments with his family in Nassau, including time with his father, Charles and younger brother Jamar.  Throughout his lifetime, Dominic fostered relationships with some person whom he considered to be a part of his family, and ensured that they were involved in every facet of his life.  From the days of attending St. John’s Prep School his neighbor, Mrs. Shelagh Strachan took Dominic under her wings and ensured that he got the right guidance in his educational pursuits. 



Each member of Dominc’s family holds a place in their hearts which is reserved only for him.  However, Uncle Hawett and Auntie Carol consider him to be their son, and he showered them with love and affection.  This past November, Dominic called Auntie Carol and asked her to arrange a family gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Dom came to Nassau and had a chance to socialize and have a memorable time with all the family members who were there.  Due to his work schedule he was unable to spend Christmas in Nassau, however he ensured that Brandon was present to represent him.  On Sunday, January 31st, 2016, Dom came to Nassau and surprised everyone.  The first place he came was to Marathon where he spent the evening with Grammy, Uncle Hawett, Auntie Carol and Mama Cat. It was not until the next day when   Brittany and Celestine knew he was in town as in his usual jovial manner he surprised them from behind the sofa at their home.  Dominic spent 4 days in Nassau and on this trip he visited each member of the family and spent some time with them.  As we reflect on what has transpired, we realize that he only came to Nassau to tell each of us “goodbye”.  On Thursday, February 18th, Dominic posted the song “Glory” by John Legend on the family chat.  Friday, February 19th, was Dominic’s 39th Birthday, and the entire day he corresponded with members of the family and well-wishers. He told us that we are the best family in the world and that he loved us all.  On Saturday, February 20th Dominic spent the day inviting everyone he came in contact with to his party.  He prepared all of the food for the function and at the beginning of the event he thanked everyone for coming out to celebrate the occasion with him.  Shortly thereafter, he collapsed and all efforts were made to revive him.  Unfortunately, it was fruitless.  Dominic lived a full life, and in the same manner that he was always happy; that is how he left this world.   As we reminisce of Dominic’s life, we now realize that he was giving us warning signs that he would be leaving but we just did not see it at that time.  His death has come as a shock to everyone who knew him, but it also serves to remind us all of the brevity of life. We mourn his passing, but we are comforted in knowing that he is now with his Lord and Saviour, and we will continue to sing “Songs of Thankfulness and Praise”  Over the past week, persons from all strata of our Bahamian society have spoken about Dominic with love and affection.  That in itself speaks volumes, as no one has anything negative to say about him.    This remarkable young man meant so much to so many people.  He was undoubtedly a role model and hero. In spite of our grief, we thank GOD for the years he was allowed to be a part of our lives and to bring us so much happiness and joy.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Dominic, your Heavenly Father needs your assistance in preparing some entrees for a heavenly banquet.  As we reflect on the words of the song “Glory” we release you into the arms of our Loving, Omnipotent and Omniscient GOD.

Rest In Peace

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Posted By: Ivan Forbes on 2/25/2016 7:48:56 PM
You where a giant among men. Cook them up something awesome in heaven guy. Till we link again my boy.
Posted By: michael deveaux on 2/28/2016 6:22:04 AM
rip my brother..bros for life
Posted By: Alverne' P. King on 3/20/2016 11:49:42 PM
My dearest nephew, it has been exactly one month since your sudden departure from our family. It still seems like a dream and everyday I have cried because I miss you so much. I keep listening to hear your voice but only the silence is there. I know you along with Daddy, Mother, Auntie and Uncle Joey are having a great reunion. I just imagine you and Daddy dancing the quadrille; and you preparing some spectacular meals for a heavenly banquet. Rest in Peace my beloved "Dom, Double,". #luv you so much!, Auntie, Ali-K
Posted By: Celeste (Mom) on 3/23/2016 1:17:38 PM
My dear Dominic, my gentle giant, my wing man, my loving son, my friend. It is still so hard to accept that you are gone from us. This emptiness is unbearable, but God knows best. Your smile, humour, unselfish manner and open arms, will really be missed. Your service was beautiful, your Junkanoo family did you proud, your Classmates have been a tower of strength and the Bluff House Family, along with the wider community were awesome. We will miss you dearly, but you will always in our hearts. Love mom

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