Bernard Mortimer, J.P.

Bernard Mortimer, J.P.

3/10/2017 10:18:03 AM

Bernard lived a rich and fruitful life experiencing its joys and despairs; its successes and disappointments, its hopes and dreams. Bernard was loved and respected by family and those who knew him. Bernard was known for his reverberating laughter, his passion, his stubbornness and heated arguments. Bernard was a responsible son, a supportive brother, a loving and faithful husband, a guiding and present father. Bernard Jason Mortimer was a person guided by principles.

Born 12 December 1931, the second child and oldest son of Ulric Jason and Winifred Caroline (nee Gibson) Mortimer. He married Cynthia Louise Carroll (deceased) on 27 July 1952. They had five children: Carol (deceased), Averell, Olivia, Kenneth and Claire. Bernard was a fervent supporter and an inspiring father to his children. His children were blessed because of his exemplary character: honesty, integrity, independence, and principled life. Bernard’s children were emboldened by his resilience and capacity to endure and persevere during the toughest of times. Bernard taught his children the art and science of laughter as a stabilizing tool during life’s difficult times and a means of uplifting and bringing joy to others. To his grand and great grandchildren, but also those who ‘adopted’ him, Bernard was known as ‘Grampy’.

To his wider family, Bernard was the ‘moral compass’ and was always available to provide advice and support. Among his most satisfying moments were when he could help and ‘be there’ for his siblings.

Bernard attended Southern Senior School. He was one of the first students and prefects of Saint John’s College. He was successful in obtaining the Cambridge Junior Certificate. He served as a vestry member, priest warden and church warden at Saint Mary the Virgen Anglican Church. He was also a member of the Anglican Church Men. For many years, he duplicated the church bulletin. Bernard joined Holy Cross Anglican Church shortly after it was established. Later in life he regularly attended services there Tuesday mornings and was proud to let everyone know that he was a ‘Tuesday Christian’.

Bernard was proud to say that he never worked for anyone and that his boss would never disagree with him – he could take time off whenever he wanted to. Bernard started to work in the family business as a child. In his early adulthood, he was an insurance salesman, a candy salesman and shopkeeper. Bernard was known for making and selling cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn and other confectionary items at fairs and later from his home.

As a Justice of the Peace, Bernard was known for his reasonable rates and counsel to his clients, and seeking advice to assist them whenever he did not have the answers. He always found ways to accommodate everyone.

Bernard was an early member and passionate supporter of the Free National Movement and was ostracised for this at the personal and business level. Bernard served as branch chairman for several years and participated in many protest actions. He was later honoured for his service to the organisation. However, he did not hesitate to criticize the FNM and any other political party and would always ‘vote my conscience’.

Bernard’s family and contemporaries know him as BJ and they know him for his love of life and living.

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